LV Automatic Capacitor Banks

It consists of :

  • Reinforced self-protected resin capacitors
  • Specific contactors to limit inrush currents
  • Var metric regulator which allows to keep the target cos, and to give the technical characteristics of the electrical network (voltage, current, instantaneous energy : apparent, reactive and active, etc.) These are simple and flexible solutions, which can immediately increase the energy efficiency of the installations and the productivity.

Our compensation solution contributes to energy efficiency and cost reduction by providing :

  • Reduction of energy losses
  • Power factor correction
  • Reducing the voltage drop on low voltage networks.

Our product is suitable for new installations or retrofit applications in any commercial, industrial and public service business.

Reinforced automatic bank
Standard automatic bank
Automatic de-tuned capacitor bank 7%
Automatic de-tuned capacitor bank 14%
Quick installation manual RG-T
Quick installation manual RGI-S
Quick installation manual RG-BS

The compensation bank is a system in a metal box that automatically compensates the phase shift. The whole equipment is dimensioned to be integrated in your network.

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