generator and inverter

Changeover switches guaranteeing the distribution and availability of electricalenergy. Thesechangeover switches can bemanually,  automatically or remotelyoperated. Theytransfer the main power supply of the loads to a secondary power source such as a generator or renewableenergy source according to the international standard ICE 60947-6-1.

   Data sheet GENERATOR GROUP-3300

Data sheet GENERATOR GROUP-500

A rigorous selection of our suppliers of materials, equipment and components
can allow us to reduce supply costs. We cooperate with
reliable suppliers and use efficient production equipment.
Reasonable management system and streamlined production by qualified subcontractors
allow us to significantly improve production performance.
This is how we offer efficient and safe generating sets at a competitive price.
Our products are produced by companies that have passed ISO9001 certification in accordance
European and French standards in force, and are checked and tested at the end of the production line.
production. Our generating sets comply with CE and NF standards, with a guarantee
3 years or 1000 hours.

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