Voltage Stabilizer

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Our voltage stabilizers are intended for applications requiring :

  • High reliability. For example, in the event of installation in places that are difficult to access, subject to critical ambient conditions (cold, high temperature, humidity, atmospheric discharges)
  • A wide range of compensation for variations in the mains voltage. This is a typical requirement for installations located far from distribution booths or in emerging countries
  • High precision of the stabilized voltage. Ideal condition for calibration and testing benches, electric ovens and professional lighting devices
  • Voltage stabilization for high power users or with high start-up absorption, such as motors, air conditioners, compressors or pumps
  • Simple and reduced maintenance, an essential quality when it is difficult to locate qualified personnel to carry out technical interventions
  • A wide choice of versions. Depending on the ambient conditions, the range includes IP00, IP21, IP54 INDOOR or IP54 OUTDOOR enclosures.

Datasheet Voltage Stabilizer 


Voltage regulators are the most reliable solution to the problems associated with voltage variations in the electrical network.

Electric power suppliers guarantee the correct supply voltage. However, failures on the lines, atmospheric phenomena, repeated variations in load and disturbances produced by the users themselves, do not make it possible to guarantee each of them a constant voltage, which respects the nominal value and the tolerance margin of 10% provided for in supply contracts. Often this tolerance is insufficient for the most sensitive users. In other cases, the line voltage reaches levels that are 15%, 20% or even 30% above the rated value.

Increasingly, there is a reduction in the quality level of electrical power made available to the end user.

Voltage stabilizers guarantee users a perfectly regulated voltage.


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