Motor Reactors

Technical characteristics :

  • High linearity
  • Low losses and high efficiency
  • Highly permeable Iron core
  • High quality copper or aluminum windings
  • Design capability for different clock frequencies
  • Manufactured under ISO9001 quality management system
  • Sign and compatibility with standard EN 61558-2-20 and the relevant paragraphs
  • Vacuum impregnated varnish for quiet operation and immune to moisture.

Data Sheet Motor Reactors

Les rThe motor reactors are installed between the variable speed device and the motor. They serve to attenuate the harmonic content of the voltage generated by the drive. The operating voltage is up to 1000V

The connectors can be terminal blocks, bars or cables, depending on the power. The reactors are compatible with international standards and CE marking. The reactors are also produced under ISO9001 quality management system

Reactors are classified according to their switching frequencies. They are mainly designed for a switching frequency band of 4 kHz to 12 kHz. For switching frequencies above 12 kHz, the motor reactor can be made to order

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